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Am I right or just living..

As I’m nowadays.. Too much frustated and disappointed.. By myself.. And by the conditions nowadays.. As corona is again spreading at a very fast rate.. And because of which our college life is again continuing in an online medium.. I don’t know for how much more time it takes.. And sitting at home and doing the work of college is the worst thing which I think I’m doing.

My college life friends and all are so far from each other that we don’t even got time to spend with one other. The time when I realised that I got adjusted along with the hostel life and college life, Than corona came.. Everytime when we think and plan for the things they don’t go accordingly.. Uncertainty of life is so much that a man does not know what will happen.As this year has been started and I thaught that I would do my best this year and I had my plans but nothing is going with those plans..

Firstly, last year I started a business but still I don’t reached a target that I put up on me. My work level has boosted but still I just got an average marks in my semester exams. Third is that I planned to visit atleast more and more places but that too does not happened. The dissapointment of all such put me under pressure and also makes me worried that if I’m right or am I going wrong.. Backside I also have a belief that what I’m expecting is not in my hand.. Actually I can’t gain customers on my own but I can do efforts to have a good relationships.. But Still I can’t got the work done. The trips that are vacant are also adding a pressure to the first thing.. As each and everything is related and are dependent on each other.

Maybe the patience is just the answer… What my maa told me and what I learned from my life.. I know that whatever happens, happens for a reason and all the things are not in our hands like corona. Well everything is planned acording to Geeta lessons., let’s see whatever happens. I’m ready for that

Please do give your ideas and how you do the things that we plan and don’t go that way.. Is it to worry about or just something has been planned by God..

Thankyou for giving your beautiful time.. Have a nice day.. 🙌


Why to hire an Architect..?

After Civillisation, the whole world has changed.The people got more civillised ,they started to accumulate their comfort .They give rise to beautiful art of piece “home”.As there is limited land resource on earth and the population is increasing rapidly. Thus,there is a need for the one who by his creativity finds the best solution for any problem.

Architects have the ability to transform the life on this planet.By the vast knowledge of human psychology their cultures and traditions they convert the place into best 3D space for living.They understand the history and plan for future and makes the best out of it.

As for the covid19 like emergency all over the world their is a more need for the flexible buildings and adaptive techniques As seen in this article their is a more need for such buildings .

Moreover on a personal scale ,it saves a large amount of money when you hire an proffessional for your saves a lot during the construction as well as in future energy requirements for your energy demands.An architect has an large amount of knowledge and experience about the site and also the climatic conditions air movement and alll.

“the space you spend time in transform your personality”

by Utkarsh Mishra

Its well said as the fortunes are build by habits and these habits are guided by the set of regular activities. These activities are decided by the space in which you are living .So why to give up on it…? why to loose your fortunes ..?

They give the best services for your demands ,by spending a large time in solving your problems .Just as a mother they feed clients with all the strategies ,construction techniques,ideas materials and economical ways for your buildings,homes,shops and any other form to be built.

Moreover they create the best use of land by making it more spacious as well as also to convert it into more multi functional . Thus future is in the hands of yours, weather u make a house on your own old knowledge or to make it more substainable , ecofriendly and energy efficient .Moreover it saves your large sum of money and also transforms your life..!!!