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Love is risk !!

Someone told me that love is selfless , they were right.

What we give is not guarenteed that we will get in return and we also dont know that weather the person is fully into us or not ..?Strange yeah..

Many times we spend a lot time and energy , and emotional indulgance into someone who is not into us or is not willing to be with us..!! so the result is pain and suffering

But why do people face such traumas ..?

Have u ever think about it or not ..yes .From my own experience I realised that we should keep some boundries and we should know till which level we should get into intimate with our partners both emotionally and physically. As no body knows that what future is to be , yet nothing can be decided but still after going to some level of intimacy , its very hard for one in both to be get back. As being with friends is different and being with someone who is more than friend is different .

The other person should know the boundries to make with the other as all have different level of energies and its all that plays into role .

As in every relation boundries are important .It doesnt matter that u r friend , relative,mother and father or two boys are friend, even when two girls are friends it should be there .If there are no boundries the relationships fails.

As an Architect I know what works I do what is the role of civil engineers .We all have a specific field where we are masters so with respect to that for a better building of functionally and structurally. There should be boundries that should be maintained . Thus It’s important .

When the boundries are not set the works merge and tand traumas start the mutual trust and mutual respect is even lost.Even sometimes the relationships can be even so toxic than the vish (or poison) .That might harm us a lot

It would not kill us ones but keep on killing us regularly .

That would be so hard. Even in brother and sisters and father and sin there are some boundries that should be respected for a better life and long lasting relations.

So just keeping it short, we all should first set our boundries and than move forward As by being in boundries we would be more comfortable safe and even more happy we would enjoy our life to te fullest ..

try it in your life and be happy

have a nice day and keep glowing with a smile . 🙂

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An Architect and a Civil Engineer

“Civil engineers acts like Words but Architects play the role of the poets”

by -Utkarsh Mishra
so to have a beautiful poem ,words have to be arranged meaningfully and logically binded with the chain of creativity...

The most common problem people face nowadays is that they don’t understand who are Civil Engineers and who are Architects ..? May be the reason that they are less aware or our country is still lagging behind in the field of Architecture .Many people get confused between the two. Its like a curse for any person who belongs to a specific field and people call him or her by the other proffession ,its more like a heartbreak.

While on one hand Architecture is totally depend on feelings and philosophical concept, while The Civil Engineering is fully based on the structural and safety of human beings. Both are required and are equally important for the human beings. Because human beings need the both physical and emotional balance to live a live beautifully and meaningfully

As I’m an Architect ,therefore I will try to make your mind clear about what Civil Engineer’s don’t do. In this way you can easily understand the relationship and the wide difference between the two.

1-Architects are masters for making plans. They do the same thing for five years of their college life and the whole life.(plans means the architecture drawing floor plans and all.

2-We know about the physchology of human behavior and work in that way. We play with the spaces by adding the feelings. As JAHA HADID mam said that ‘the buildings rose our senses and they enhance our feelings’ .At some places we feel excited and enthusiastic but at some places we feel bored and sad. All is the play of the magic of Architecture and feelings.

3- An Architect guides all the functional aspects of abuilding and makes a person to move on a desired path.One of the major reasons why some malls and monuments attract the visitors again and again.It’s the magic of the Architecture.In this way the people got some time to live with themselves and they find peace from their busy lives.

4-‘An Architecture is a form of art and Not every body is an Artist’ .An Architect adds more value to our lives by adding the more and more meaning and a type of lifestyle. as it is said –

‘We shape buildings and than buildings shapes us’

5- Architecture is a very broad field and a lot of scope .But one must have that much of courage to withstand all the obstacles and live a very busy life. Many think that drawing the lines on a peice of paper is a very easy task. Yes it is but to give a meaningful drawings their is a lot of thaught process that undergoes .We have to do a lot of casestudies site visits and all the work .Its more like a proffession of a doctor.

I will say that -‘Doctors are the second face of God but an Architect enlightens us like God by the atmosphere.’

By -Utkarsh Mishra

6-” An art is an imagination and imagination has no limits so the Architecture” .But when it comes to the Civil Engineering there is a set of rules As Engineering is based on the concepts of Physics and there are the rules and laws which needs to be followed .

7-When seen on the wide scale its only because of the Architecture that our cultures and traditions are being preserved As I heard somewhere that “to destroy the culture of any country destroy all its Art and Architecture” .So now you can understand that how we are preserving our culture and also to make our new generation we conserve for future.Let me explain about this let me give you a example–>

As all the Muslims Go for Hajj to Madinah once in their lifetime and at a small scale they go to Masjids,Similarly All Hindu Go to the old Ghats and Temples . In future they would prefer to go to Ayodhya (Ram Janm Bhoomi where the RAM [Hindu God]Temple is now begin to construct under the Yogi's Raj) By the way- 'Bhagvaan ek roop anek'(God is one but the faces are different).But than also because of religious beliefs and culture Architecture preserves all. Our future generations will only see what we built today they will understand the meaning and their past only by these Architectural works.

Well that’s enough that now you are able to make a difference between the two, but lets give a focus on the Civil Engineers also they are masters in the structural framework and all about the safety of the persons living inside any structure .Both Architects and Civil Engineers are equally important for any good project .We both work silmultaneously on a projects and it requires a lot of team work and efforts to set a masterpeice for the future that is built in present .We are the two faces of a coin.