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Love is risk !!

“its just a reminder to make u aware to make boundries to make any relationships “

No, not from outside the box ..!!

Hey ,a very good morning to all my dear friends and great writers here. Hope you all are doing well in your life. Having a good salary , Loving family, and a Great health must be with all of you. But wait why did I said that not going outside , instead searching at great […]

Beauty is there in a process of learning a new art, new language, new course, and anything new…. Once learned the amount of enthusiasm goes down.Its truely said in a song.. “Safar khoobasoorat hai manjil se bhi ” from ae dil hai mushkil…. What I felt today is same that feeling. When we learn something the amazement or the excitement makes the whole journey more memorable. When struggling with relationships we usually do efforts but they are truelly the mainly important for that. Because once the marriage got done the excitement levels go down.. Lol just a fact. But when we go and try to propose a girl at that time our passion usually fills us with a great joy. That joy is of more worth than the Girl itself.. It’s true that sometimes or some poets usually catch some reality of life and puts them in a form of an artpeice.This is really appreciable and true… So when you are struggling with a new course or new instrument don’t leave them at half way because after some pains you will reach a state that your initial efforts are more worthy for you.. After attaining a new level you will easily do all the things that other people do without any effort. The last the real beauty you would be happy with doing what you do but you will miss the initial efforts or pain… After reaching to that point you will miss that part of learning.. But once you become a master or partially good you might sometimes get bored. But don’t leave as we should learn till our last breath of life and it’s a symbolism of life. Learning means that we are living being.. As All the spiritual and every book says.. Geeta has mentioned it too…


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