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Love is risk !!

“its just a reminder to make u aware to make boundries to make any relationships “

Someone told me that love is selfless , they were right.

What we give is not guarenteed that we will get in return and we also dont know that weather the person is fully into us or not ..?Strange yeah..

Many times we spend a lot time and energy , and emotional indulgance into someone who is not into us or is not willing to be with us..!! so the result is pain and suffering

But why do people face such traumas ..?

Have u ever think about it or not ..yes .From my own experience I realised that we should keep some boundries and we should know till which level we should get into intimate with our partners both emotionally and physically. As no body knows that what future is to be , yet nothing can be decided but still after going to some level of intimacy , its very hard for one in both to be get back. As being with friends is different and being with someone who is more than friend is different .

The other person should know the boundries to make with the other as all have different level of energies and its all that plays into role .

As in every relation boundries are important .It doesnt matter that u r friend , relative,mother and father or two boys are friend, even when two girls are friends it should be there .If there are no boundries the relationships fails.

As an Architect I know what works I do what is the role of civil engineers .We all have a specific field where we are masters so with respect to that for a better building of functionally and structurally. There should be boundries that should be maintained . Thus It’s important .

When the boundries are not set the works merge and tand traumas start the mutual trust and mutual respect is even lost.Even sometimes the relationships can be even so toxic than the vish (or poison) .That might harm us a lot

It would not kill us ones but keep on killing us regularly .

That would be so hard. Even in brother and sisters and father and sin there are some boundries that should be respected for a better life and long lasting relations.

So just keeping it short, we all should first set our boundries and than move forward As by being in boundries we would be more comfortable safe and even more happy we would enjoy our life to te fullest ..

try it in your life and be happy

have a nice day and keep glowing with a smile . 🙂

By Utkarsh

I'm an budding architect.!! learning life and its relation with architecture...

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