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No, not from outside the box ..!!

Hey ,a very good morning to all my dear friends and great writers here. Hope you all are doing well in your life. Having a good salary , Loving family, and a Great health must be with all of you. But wait why did I said that not going outside , instead searching at great depth actually makes all changes.

hey, This is just for the spiritual growth do like comment and share your opinion first ...
source -Utkarsh edited

Yes its true, when we take a decision for our life . When one major decision may have a greater impact on our lives in coming future. Than there is a need to search for new perspective .No one knows us better than we know our ownself .Yes sure they can give us some kinda imformation or share there experience .Therefore going outside can be sometimes so harmfull for us.

A new idea, a new perspective, a new approach is always there in finding something great. But when there is historical knowledge about that subject .As this world is more like this . We all are made up of small units that com bine to form a whole system . The whole universe works this way. As according to law of conservation, energy is neither created nor destroyed. For a greater picture one should think more clearly from inside.

Weather its for the spiritual journey, relationships or any desease. Everything works from inside .Its quiet impossible that we see medicine and we get cured untill and unless the medicine goes inside we can’t do anything for our wellbeing . All other things are just illusions and we usually get fooled by them .

We are humans and our whole life is precious and we become old by living our life neither of mother nor of mother and not of our bedpartner. We all have our set of beliefs and our journey is special and unique in its own way. How can we be dependent on other for our life decisions .Why should we ask our neighbour that what is good and what is bad for us ..?

Isn’t a good thing to think upon. Also all spiritual gurus and even Bhagvata Gita also tells us about this mystry .

Thankyou for giving your beautiful time and pain for reading the whole article .Do drop a comment in the comment box so that I can understand and realise your viewpoint on this …

have a great day ..!! 🙂

By Utkarsh

I'm an budding architect.!! learning life and its relation with architecture...

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