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Man belongs where he wants to go..

Man belongs where he wants to go... Power of thinking big...!

By Utkarsh

I'm an budding architect.!! learning life and its relation with architecture...

3 replies on “Man belongs where he wants to go..”

Man belongs where he wants. It has two meanings :

1. Internal journey
2. Normal life

In normal life, you feel close with certain people and place. The day you feel alone or betrayed, there are chances you will visit the people and places you love.

Internally, we try to develop our character. Try different approaches and lifestyle. At last, we recognise and accept the values and morals which suits us.

Have you designed or planned any architect project Utkarsh? Architecture is my interest.

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yes, it’s a beautiful message from your side .Everyone has different perspective regarding one quote ,But here I’m talking about the desires and dreams of a soul . There are no limits of a man where he cannot go .What he imagines or wants definately one day he will achieve or get there …!!! sorry for late replying your comment was not visible in my notifications ..!!!
nice to hear your views ..!! nice day and keep blogging ,..!! 🙂


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