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Love– no nothing like that..

This post is quiet straight forward. And it’s my request if you are fit with my words, than please if I’m wrong than do correct me…

There is nothing like love in this world…. May be initially it gives us happiness.. Or pleasure but if we look deeply into all our relationships we will found that all relationships in this world are totally made on the foundation of NEEDS…

Some need partners to keep their loneliness far, some for the emotional needs, and many for the physical pleasure,. Once they get all this or they become bored, they leave keeping the other as they were before..

Once needs are fulfilled no one remains.. And all relations are made on the foundation of needs.

When the main family member of the family dies, MAIN means mukhiya Or so called a person who has the responsibility of the family, generally in India “Father” Or “papa ji”…. All needs of the family are totally dependent on him. When they are gone the whole family is break. Not because they love, but because now who will help them to do their “pet puja” or ” Feeding of family”…..

Nowadays feelings are nothing, as I heard this , when I was talking to my friend few days before what I found is that…. Her father has been found with a deadly disease called Cancer. And it’s only 6 months time for him. She was talking to me and she not even one time said to me that she loves her father, but she was constantly emphasizing that how will she manage the home, or how will her and her little brother education will go…

Might be the reason that age was trying to be hard to me or else she does not love her father or whatever… But than I realised one thing that we all are dependent on one other and those basic needs are the reasons that why we make relations. Marriage is also the same as in doing so one persons all demands of life are met he / she gets a partner whome they can share all the happiness and pains together and also to grow their next generation…..

This is all what I was thinking from last 1 hour I thought of it to share with you all…. Do give your views and comments… That what I think is right or partially right… And give your opinions and perspective…..

Thank you for giving your precious time…. Do like and share😇😊

By Utkarsh

I'm an budding architect.!! learning life and its relation with architecture...

6 replies on “Love– no nothing like that..”

You are right to a certain extent…but once you outgrown your need and learn to love people just for who they are as an individual…or even just for that fact that they are… transcend the need and understand love. I promise it happens…but I understand that we only really understand an experience from our on set of experiences…and unless we have felt something like it it’s difficult to comprehend or accept it. It’s not always a smooth road… getting to know that kind of love…so I don’t know whether or not to wish that for you…I will leave it up to you. 🙂

Sending you unconditional, non need driven love…just for that fact that you are. (Hug)

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Yes dear Niharika ,Thankyou for giving your precious time .What you are saying is totally correct and it’s true that we all haveour own lives and circumstances.We all grew up on our own experiences…. you had shown your vast wisdom by sharing your experience.Do you think there is anything in our life that does not requires efforts..?


Haha…there is effort that darina you ….there is effort that only replenishes….like traveling…or eating…or reading poetry…but because it comes from within as a desire…it doesn’t feel like effort. Like when I paint…..oh god it’s a lot of work….when not doing so is pain…and the effort is pleasure. 🙂

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